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Merlin ABC

A Merlin Themed Icontest

Merlin ABC (An Icontest)
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A Themed Icontest For BBC's Merlin
» About
Welcome to merlin_abc, an icontest based around the BBC version of Merlin. Every other Monday, a new challenge will be posted which will include two themes, going in alphabetical order. You can pick to make icons for both or just one of the themes. Two weeks after the challenge has opened, it will end and the voting will go up along with the next challenge. No animation will be allowed on any challenge.

Challenge 08 (H): "Evil Begins with H: Hengist & Halig" & Horoscope - ENTER
Challenge 07 (G): "The Gates of Avalon" & Guinevere - VOTE
Challenge 06 (F): "The Fires of Idirsholas" & Fierce - WINNERS
Challenge 05 (E): "Excalibur" & Evil - WINNERS
Challenge 04 (D): "The Dragon's Call" & Darkness - WINNERS
Challenge 03 (C): "The Curse of Cornelius Sigan" & Colourful - WINNERS
Challenge 02 (B): "The Beginning of the End" & Busy - WINNERS
Challenge 01 (A): Arthur Pendragon & Alone - WINNERS

» Bi-Weekly Schedule
Sunday: New Challenge Posted | Voting Posted
Friday: Voting Concluded
Saturday: Winners Announced | Banners Posted

♥ The community was originally created and maintained by the lovely audiopineapple.

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